The rudeness of the Zara clerks

I like to clarify things before I start writing.

First I have to say that  few years ago  I loved buying   Zara. I liked their designs and I still like.

What I can’t stand is how poorly educated  are their assistants. Every time I go to a Zara store I have the impression of being in a meeting with the construction workers. Considering that these men work inhuman hours with temperatures ranging from freezing cold to desert heat. So I think they  are entitled to curse or say  follies that pleases them.

What  I  don’t understand, it’s why  a bunch of people in buildings with air conditioner and hygienic conditions that many workers would envy. They behave like a group sentenced to death.
The first thing that you see when you enter in Zara is  the  anger faces  of their saleswomen. It seems that all suffer from a toothache or stomach pain. I don’t ask that  you  to smile, if  you do not want. But to put a friendly face you don’t need a laugh, not even a smile . You Just have  show friendly attitude to the client. If I remember correctly is what feeds you. Because the Inditex Group will pay the payroll, but if this fails to sell clothes, you  will lost your  job. And stop perceive the salary like many Spanish who are unfortunately unemployed by the economic crisis affecting the country.

Today was the height of rudeness.
I wanted to buy a jacket, but there was only the medium size. So I asked the clerk  kindly to look if they had my size.  At first  she pretended not to understand what I was asked, or been interrupted while keeping a meeting with Merkel about the economic future of Spain. Then she began to talk to her  friend who I  guess coming from President Obama office to give his view of the European economy.
All this while I waited.
For some reason she  worthy to ask me again what  I wanted. For the third time I explaining that I wanted a jacket size .
According to  her  the article  had to come from the store that was on the fourth floor. I watched as she continued folding clothes. She seemed to have no intention to call someone to bring me my  jacket.

After about 20 minutes a companion called the warehouse asking for another piece and added mine. It had been 30 minutes. So I asked if they would bring several jackets or just  my size. Because I could come back. To which she replied in a rude and unpleasant way. “Why? Jacket has to come from the fourth floor”
I did not want to argue so I left the store. With the feeling that most of the clerks of this company are mean and treat you as if they spare your life. And I have to say that my complaint is not an isolated case, I have friends and coworkers who have told me the same thing. “I would like to go to Zara , but  I don’t support  their   saleswomen.

When what you do is buy clothes, not to beg. For the record, I’ve worked in shops when I was young. And we had to spend all day asking people if they needed anything. And that yes, it was a nightmare.

The Zara clerks do not have to undergo such nonsense. Only if you ask them they have to help you. Zara is  like one of those  help yourself local. What I like because nobody overwhelms me with questions. But if I need help I hope you give me  that  help, is not too much to ask for .
As I am not the kind of people who complain and do nothing. I wrote this article and I have decided to stop buying at Zara. At least for a while. Whenever I have Mango. So tomorrow  I’ll  get  my jackets.




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