Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are you happier when you’re working or when you’re relaxing?

Most people when they work on something they like do not consider it work. Rather a relaxing time, because the body and mind are relaxed concentrates on the individual to do something that will bring happiness or pleasure. I’m one to think that work on what you like is one of the most rewarding activities you can perform. Is medically proven that people who work in something they like, or are engaged in what they studied in college. Are happier, creative and less prone to depression or illness. It has also been shown that it exists less absenteeism among these workers.
In regards to me, the times I’ve been happiest was when I worked as a makeup artist. And when I feel more relaxed is when I write. Both activities provide benefits to my health and my mental stability.
As regards the relationship between work and relationships. The percentage of marriages that discusses is higher among working couples in unsatisfactory jobs. Generally are jobs that they have not chosen but they have to do to pay the bills.

The perfect recommendation for physical and mental health would be:  Work on what you like. As this is not always possible, professional advisers recommend that the person performs an activity after work that gives them personal satisfaction. That does not prevent the frustration of doing something that  it doesn’t   fulfill you. But improve your  self-esteem and the concept  you have  about  yourself. Avoiding that feeling of throwing your life away or wasting your time.

But for me the best remedy would be to try to work on what one likes, if possible. Being a realist a person as I’m. I recognize that it is not easy. And sometimes the monetary benefits are often long-term. And generally lack economic punctuality than the one  laid  on a company check.
But it’s worth trying even in small doses, because that way you know you’ve tried. The worst thing in life is regret not having tried to achieve something or do something you wanted.
So good luck with your dream. And remember that we are all here, to help you achieve your goal.



Un comentario en “Thursday, December 13, 2012

  1. Enjoyed your post. Love the quote and positive message. I am happiest when I am rested (which hasn’t happened in awhile…) I am taking off work tomorrow for a week and hope to catch up on some “me” downtime and try to get into the holiday spirit. I find if I work on my crafting even after a hard work day, I feel better.


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