Forgive me, Santa but I hate Christmas.

Forgive me, Santa  but I hate Christmas.
I have nothing against you. You look like a wonderful grandfather and a fun person. Your smiling face and friendly, is all I can tolerate in Christmas ads. And the phrase that made ​​me happy during my childhood is: Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas.
But I have to say that for a while it seems that you, the child Jesus and Buddha are on vacation during Christmas. (Clarified the Buddha, I am a Buddhist) At least for me. I can not remember when was the last time I had a happy Christmas. If I start reviewing, I would say that I hadn’t  a good Christmas since the day my parents divorced when I was eleven. And that was the beginning of my continuing and disastrous Christmas. I remember coming home from school with my precious bottle of cologne, for he had saved all my pocket-money. It was the best gift for my father. I had found, his  favorite perfume. I spent every Christmas day waiting  for him to come back, as every Christmas.

I didn’t  understand why my father was not home. I just remember  myself sitting in a big office with my brother while my mother signed a bunch of papers, which  a man dressed as lords  gray in Momo gave to her . My mother who remained  serious and in silent.
The rest of my Christmases have been, like drinking  maple  syrup without close  my nose.
And as an adult, things have not improved. The day my husband was diagnosed  with cancer, was four days before Christmas. He died just a month before Christmas.
And my only  car accident of  was on Christmas  in 1999. I could go on with the endless list of disastrous christmas  I’ve had in my life.  So you understand  that I can only  hate  these dates.
I do understand that I live in Europe, and the temperature at this time is unbearably cold. So understand the three of  you  decide  to take  a  trip to  Costa Rica  or a vacation to the Bahamas, to surf and enjoy the  tropical delicacies. But ¿does it have to be at the expense of my happiness ?
Dear Santa, I hope that after this letter, you take the hassles  to give me a decent Christmas. I do not want anything special. Only some joy, health, work, money and fulfill my dream of traveling the world specifically to africa. If you  think  is to far, the India  also seems a good idea. As yo can see , what I  ask you  is  no too much. Really, is not like suddenly becoming Beyoncé , without going through destiny child. What I am asking you  is what I call understand  happiness. Because there is no perfect happiness, but those moments that make life worthwhile. And have those moments is what I ask.
I hope  you tell all this I have told you to Buda and the baby Jesus.

If you have time left ? Send an email to the Virgin Mary, you know that mothers have the last word.



2 comentarios en “Forgive me, Santa but I hate Christmas.

  1. Oh my…. i can completely understand why ! But hey, Xmas is so commercial nowadays… think that there’s really nothing special about it…. Anyway, I wish I can help… Maybe I can as a kind of Secret Santa! I went to India a year ago and South Africa this year… Awesome experiences that can be done on a shoestring! I can help you organize! =D

    1. I’m glad you like the article, and visit my blog.
      Thanks for your understanding. I think many people do not say out loud that they do not like the holidays so people thought.
      But I think the things we do not like if the catches with a little humor they stop affecting you and end appearing as a post on your blog.
      Thanks for volunteering to help with the trip would be great.
      the truth I’m a little worried and nervous about traveling to an African country. I think to begin South Africa is a good place.
      Let me know your expericicia and how you prepared the trip.
      Thanks again


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