The other side of Ibiza .

The other side of Ibiza. Everyone knows the island like the ultimate party place. If you want to lose yourself and forget who you are. Dive into their clubs and endless parties.
Concert lasting until dawn, clubs that do not close ever, and beaches full of bodies roasting  under  the sun.
That’s the Ibiza that most guidebooks sold to the world.
But there is another Ibiza, the quiet beaches, clear water coves. An island where the mountain is an energetic space that invites you to relax.
That’s the l Ibiza I discovered last summer. After having to cancel my flight to Germany due to excessive rain.
In spite of having a sister living in Palma de Mallorca, which makes me a privileged person . And especially knowing that from Palma to Ibiza, boat  takes  only 45 minutes. This means that in the time that I put a post on my blog, I’ve come to the white island.
But the party aspect of the place made ​​me not ever take those 45 minutes.
So last summer, when I canceled my vacation to Berlin. I decided to go see one of my best friends, who had just moved to the island.

I had a smooth flight, but for someone like me who likes to fly, all flights are quiet. The stress began when it was time to go to the hotel. Before I leave home I read the island guide. Visited numerous  Ibiza websites . But none of them said that the island was poorly communicated. After the several buses.  I arrive at the meeting point where my  friend  was waiting for me .We arrived at the port of San Miguel, a small beach located between two mountains with several hotels. June was an early season,   and the  place  wasn’t busy with tourist. Which I liked. My accommodation was a small studio overlooking the pool and the  mountains. I went to bed early while waiting for everything to be better the next  day. And to my surprise it was. I got up early as I always do, and went to the beach. And there was a red dawn, so intense that it seemed that the sky was bleeding. The sky once red  became  to transformed into orange and then yellow to be invaded  lately by a blue as had never seen before. The  peace of the place was such amazing, that  I wanted  to  lie on the sand and stay there all day.

After two days of being  there, I discovered few coves where there was never anyone. Every morning I used to get up  early , prepare my  breakfast and went to the coves. I had to cross a small road that was on top the of mountain. From there, as I headed to the coves , I could see part of the island and the  sea blue as postcards.
Sitting in coves and enjoy my breakfast while reviewing my life as a mathematician broblema that lacked an equation. Without being interrupted by the  cars noise s , phones, people screaming.
At that point It  was me watching the sea and the sound of seagulls and sometimes neither they made ​​noise. That was a wonderful experience.
In the evening i  used  to visit  different places  inside of the island, gardens, towns, beaches or just sat in one the banks opposite the hotel and watch the surf come and go.

In the weeks that I was on the island, I thought about what I wanted in life and how I want it to be. And most importantly I discovered Ibiza in a way I never thought I would.

I want to go back to the island. This time without prejudices, with my four senses open to receive all that the island will show  me.
What I learned on my trip to Ibiza is, that:  Places are like people. You have to give them the opportunity to show you who they are.
Don’t, listen to what others say about someone. Get  to know  the person and get your own conclusion. Words are not what define us but our actions does . No matter what the guides say about Ibiza, go,  meet  the ” white  island”  and decides  for yourself.

Have a  nice trip to  Ibiza.



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