Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you enjoy your current job (or your last job)?

Before writing this article: I have to say I like makeup.
But after six years out of the world  beauty. I returned this summer to the makeup sector. What I found was disappointing. Not only had lowered wages, working conditions also was unpleasant. It is true that Spain is in a terrible time economically. But I also realized that returning to the cosmetic industry, to try to start again, after so long was not a good idea. In my last job I was the one that had more experience, and older.
Every morning I kept telling myself, that did not matter, conditions. Neither child threads, whose makeup whom. Which person sold more  products in the  store. Loud music. And worst of all The student salary they paid me.

Yes, the point is, I was doing what I liked, though  can’t reached the end of the month. But deep down I knew it was not true, I was just fooling myself. Time does not go back, we all have to grow up. Once you get to that point there are things that you can not afford.I had lived that situation at the beginning of my career in my twenties. And yes I care about the working conditions, the poor pay, being among children, and  the loud music, as if  I was in a nightclub.

I like makeup, but  at that moment  It  didn’t personally compensated. The decision was crazy, at a time when finding work in Spain is like winning the lottery. But I decided I left the job. Luckily I was with another cosmetic firm where conditions were better but even It  wasn’t full-time work.
After that experience, I realized I wanted to start my own business. I was not sure how I would do it. So one day I sat down to do this blog. It’s my way of keeping my mind awake while I find a business idea. Luckily this blog has opened a lot of possibilities and with them a lot of idea.

I’m not saying that it will be easy. But sometimes you have to forget everything you know and everything  you think you about  yourself, to start over.
If your life project disappears or no longer satisfies you, start again. I am realistic and I know at certain ages the words start over  are  scary. I myself am scared, but sometimes  is better to cross the bridge under  the rain than wait for this to stop. Because it is possible that when you decide to cross, the water has swept the bridge.
It’s hard to start  again.But  is  harder not having the opportunity to start something.




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