La Fugitiva: books, wine and portuguese pastries.

“La Fugitiva” is a library decorated with style and intelligence. Upon entering, you breathe the quiet of a library.
At the back there is a small bar, just to sit and have a drink quietly.  In this space you can savor a fine wine, breakfast muffins, or try their delicious Portuguese pastries. They also have tea and coffee to start the day with optimism. “Caffeine has those things”
All space is surrounded by books, to remind you that this is not just any place, but a special place where inspiration, reading and the skill of an entrepreneur have teamed up to offer  you something unique.
Among the books vintage tables arise, that invite you to sit and enjoy of a good book, or work on your computer.
But if all you need is to buy something interesting to read on Sunday afternoon or while you go to works. This is also a perfect place.

Santiago, which is the name of the young man who served me. He explained with kindness how the library  works . I left with the feeling of knowing that this would be one of my favorite venues for an evening while I write in my blog. Or finish my next book, which I have not finished the last six months. I’m blocked, I need to leave Madrid. While waiting to grab the next flight to somewhere, “La Fugitiva” is a good place to plan my scape from Madrid.
Welcome to Madrid  the city where I live, for now.

Where? Calle de Santa Isabel,7 28012 Madrid

Phone: 91 468 24 53/ 685 420 408

Open from:

Monday  to friday.   from  9 to 23 h

friday  to  saturday.  from 9  to 24 h

sunday.                        from 9 to 22 h

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