Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do you enjoy teaching others?

I love teaching, I think that is one of the most rewarding activities I have had the opportunity to experience. During my early days as a makeup artist, I like to take care of  customers self make up classes . I was gratified by the idea that someone could get out of class , go  home and applying makeup tricks that  she  had learned. The best was seeing the faces of joy when the students getting  to do an eye with smoke effect. Or discovering  her skin tone  makeup, perfect for them. If I have to remember any special moment, would be the first class I gave in “makeup store”.

I remember being a little nervous, I was not sure if all these ladies were to pay attention to me . Or think  that, what I’ll  tell  them was interesting. The class was an hour and 45 minutes.

During that time all I thought about was what they would say at the end of the class.Once we were done, They  made ​​their purchases thanked me .And not only that they were delighted with the class.  And  also,they told me that they had found the class very enjoyable and interesting.

I have to admit it was a good start. Which allowed me to stop being afraid every time I went to give a tutorial. And enjoy the moment





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