Would you buy a luxury brands imitations?

I have nothing against people who wear fake bags Dior, Chanel or any other luxury brand. But I personally hate the fake stuff. The handbags, jewelry and imitation perfumes.
I’m too honest with myself. I can not pretend that I have a 5000 € Prada handbag , when inwardly know that it cost me € 40 in the back of a china shop.  I would laugh at myself.
I understand that there are people whose happiness and self-esteem depends a Dior handbag. They do not mind wearing one imitation. Because let’s be realistic is not the bag itself. Because , if it were that  they would buy a bag in Mango, or  H & M. It’s what all these brands represent a social status that few people can afford beings.
Carrying Versace is  a symbol of money, power, elegance and belong to the circle of the privileged
And here comes  the deception, not because   Chanel initial in fake handbag. You have gain social status. It takes more than a good imitation to change your life.
I don’t like imitations, because they remind me that we live in a world filled with frustration.
I hate Falsification  because I do think we can’t put our happiness in buy  things.

I don’t like imitation items because I do not like people who don’t  fight for what they want. Whether it’s a Gucci bag, a better job, or just become a  better person.
I realize that, for these people the law of least effort is its philosophy of life.
This may seem hard thinking to people who buy knockoffs of brands. Or they  can accuse me of been intolerant
But this is my question to all of those people who love fakes.
if you really want  to have a Gucci bag : Would not be better for you  to save  every day  those 40 €  fake bag? It may take you time to buy it . But when you have it, you will not have to lie to yourself .. And perhaps  this   will be the first step towards something much more than a bag with important signature.

The determination of a small decision can change the course of a life.

This  are  real luxury bags.



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