Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Do you feel most comfortable being a leader, a follower, or a collaborator?

In what suit I feel more comfortable? leader, collaborator, or a follower?
The answer seems simple but is not. I will start talking about why I’ve never been a leader or have been in any position of command, Despite having worked in very good companies. And having had the opportunity to move up and be a command. I have never accepted, because I’m like my grandfather, who started from nothing and end up having a cocoa plantation and coffee for export abroad. He has taught me that if you work 24 hours a day and leave the soul into something. Make sure it’s yours, even a mobile hot dog stand.
As a follower? I don’t mind  to follow a good leader, someone who arrive before the official who quit after their employees and their subordinates. A person who can inspire their employees, who work demanding, because he gives everything. Who is not afraid to make changes “I think I’m speaking of Mr. Mandela” he would be a good businessman.
As for collaboration, I like the idea of ​​collaborating on a project. Sharing ideas is what makes a dream grow and become a great project. For example BlogHer: It’s a perfect example of what makes the collaboration between individuals.

I think everyone in our lives, we have been all three, or  we will be.
It is not necessarily within a company, may be in your  family life. In your group of friends, including through volunteering.

The important thing is to enjoy what you do. Whatever you do




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