Monday, December 3, 2012

What do you consider yourself a “pro” at?

I consider myself a professional when it comes to personal image consulting. I feel at home in the fashion industry. And especially when it comes to helping a person to develop their full potential as individuals. I’ve always been good in advice and find the strengths of the people. Even when they don’t  know they have them. That’s the reason I started to make up. I think many people may be better than they are. Go further in their goals, if only they can discover  what they stored inside. Teach them not to be afraid of their aspirations. And of course, make sure  everything they own is transmitted inside out. Let the world see their strength, their confidence. Is  not enough to be a lawyer, you have to feel like a lawyer, dress like a lawyer and  act as a lawyer would act.

Obviously I do not mean that a person has to be his  job, or represent it all the time. But when it comes time to do it. No one should doubt that his suit, his tie, his shoes. His appearance is that of a prestigious lawyer. Although the buffet has opened two days ago. And he  only have € 50 in his wallet that day.
But my work does not end here, because once I finalize my advice. I must make sure that the client understand, that  force, that confidence comes from within. I just have given him the tools to get to the surface. Eve those  Tool were his, only I have put them in the right order . And I show him how to profit them.





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