The Cinderella Complex. Where are my heels?

I have a confession to make: I love heels, but also I hate them.

Since teens I have always had problems with heels .
My mother says my fights with them come from not having heard her, when she  said to me -A lady has to wear heels and not flat shoes all day.

To her  credit, I have to say that she  tried. When I was 15 my mother bought me a pair of  precious heels. I did wear them  for a while, until I realized that, they were an impediment to my freedom of movement. And since then my relationship with heels, has been of love and hate. More hate than love.

Either because I never paid attention, or because I prefer the comfort. The result is that I never find the right shoes.
I am great to choose dresses, suits, skirts, but when it come  to  my feet something always fails.
My best friend,  replied me that I had Cinderella Complex. What I expected was a man who will  find the right shoes for me. So I asked her: ¿what my problem  with heels,  had to do with , with Cinderella,  and  x-man? . She answered quietly. Shoes were the equivalent of an engagement ring. We both laughed as we watched the latest trends  in  shoes.

This  is  what  we found  about   shoes  and  fashion.

I hope to find my perfect shoes,before it reaches twelve. ¡Ho my good  I  do have a cinderella  complex!!!



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