Do you wear makeup on twitter?

Lately, some  celebrities have decided to upload photos in their  twitter without makeup. Some say that is  a release  for them, not to have  to appear always perfect. Do you think that the famous should go without makeup?
Here are some photos of celebrities who have posed  on twitter without makeup.
What do you think?


4 comentarios en “Do you wear makeup on twitter?

  1. Sorry. That sent and I wasn’t finished. But I think it’s okay because a lot of young girls feel pressure to look like them and maybe the celebrities don’t want keep it up and want to show people they are like them. (Just a theory)

    1. Personally, I feel is ok, that they go without makeup if it makes them happy. So young people who follow them,will understand that they are normal people like everyone else. The only difference is that: they have a public profession and a great salary. Other than that, they cry, get sick, have problems like everyone else.

      Thanks for your comment. we keep in touch


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