Tomato wine

Tomato wine. Yes as you have heard. You  must think that blogging so much I’ve me gone crazy. But no, I’m not crazy. There’s a man in Canada who makes wine from tomatos. Pascal Miche.

Apparently the great-grandfather of Pascal Miche elaborated an alcoholic beverage fermented tomato based iBelgium, back in the thirties.

With the steps of the years of the century, this butcher turned into “tomato farmer”, Belgian-born, Canadian-making, always had in mind to produce the “wine” invented by his ancestor.

After several years in Baie St-Paul, Quebec (Canada), Pascal Miche is currently pending that will bear fruit over 6,200 tomato plants to produce their next wines.

These fruits ripen after being harvested and follow a process of crushing, blending, maceration, pressure, similar to undergoing the grapes to make wine.

After nine months of maceration Miche get a wine-colored tomato and golden tones, with 18% alcohol, and without a trace of tomato in the final product, not even detectable in the taste buds, they say.

This elixir, sold under the name “Omerto” as a tribute to his grandfather “Omer”, wine can be called only in North America. Pascal Miche although this had to demonstrate to local authorities that the tomato is actually a fruit, so that this “product” could be called, wine tomato.

ugh you must choose another name for the two products (Omerto Moelleux and Omerto Sec) if you intend to market them in Europe, where wine is called only (Latin vinum) to grape beverage obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of must or juice.

I think this will happen soon because the success that the “cellar” Domaine de La Vallée du Bras in Canada, from where 34,000 bottles a year of “Omerto”, at 20 euros a bottle of 375 ml., Continues to rise. Because Pascal Miche, its owner, spends most of his energy to promote wines from the family recipe across the country, and the other to make wine tomato that has made him famous in all world.

I’ll  look for it in Spain. I’ll like to try it .



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