The Cirque du Soleil In Madrid ¿Who is afraid of the clowns?


Since I have memory, I have a fear of clowns. Even before reading “Hit” by Stephan King. I always thought there was something strange and unnatural in the fact that a person’s face paint, to spend the day laughing. It was unnatural to hide behind a mask to pretend a happiness in front of unfamiliar children. As if the person was afraid that they will not like his true self.

This is what I told my friend a few weeks ago. And she answer me, buying me a ticket for the “Cirque du Soleil.”
When asked if she had not heard what I thought about  clowns, circus . She answered me -This had nothing to do with the clowns that scared you. And we already had tickets for the March 1, the first day of the three functions  they will perform in Madrid.
As you see I have no choice but to go to the function. Because I can’t leave my best friend alone after buying tickets for both.
But two things can happen on  March 1:

1 –  I  start screaming in fear in the middle of the function. And running out of the room.

2- I like it so much that I sat , impressed by  the colorful costumes, the dancer ,and the music. So I forget that they are people with painted faces “the modern version of the clown”

After this little conversation with my friend. I invite you to enjoy my city with the “Cirque du Soleil” new show Kooza  . Remember, I will be sitting on one of the chairs faced my fear of “clowns.”
Remember that the functions will be on March 1, 2, 3.
Welcome to Madrid  the  city  where I live.

Where?  Madrid  Spain

When? March 1, 2, 3

Link:   ttp://



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