“La Libre ” coffee, book, and carrot cake. I ¡just love it!!

You know some of the things I love: like fashion, travel, music, cooking …
But I have to confess that when I enjoy most is when I combine these activities in my daily life. Today I’ll talk about a place in Lavapies. For those who do not live in Madrid, is the area where you can travel the world in less than half an hour. A modern Babel, where you can enjoy Indian restaurants,  arab teashops , african bazaars,   chinese shop,and Spanish tapas.

In this multicultural neighborhood is one of my favorite coffees: “La libre .” What makes this a special place for me? Have books and  carrots cake . Two my favorite things. Now that you know my secret, I’ll talk a little about the bookstore. Waiting for you to come over to  learn more about it.
“La libre” is a cafe where you can work on your computer while you drink, tea, wine, or coffee and eat  cake ,like  my favorite  the carrot cake. Not only is it a nice place to chat, where the music is soft and melodious. You can also give your language classes, or to exchange  language with people from other countries.
And  the best of all, you can leave your books in the coffee. They sell it for you. You can choose to receive the money or ticket for  drink in the cafe.

The space is decorated between modern and bohemian. The majority of the furniture are second-hand, which is now called vintage. They are from different periods which gives the place a timeless look.

After this short explanation:  I can tell you the best is, to stop by the cafe, if you visit Madrid. Search Lavapies in the map , and when you are there ,asked for  cafe ” La libre”
Happy visit. Welcome to  Madrid the city  where I live.

Where?  Calle Argumosa, 39Madrid




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