Barcelona, the cities also nap.

Barcelona is my favorite city in Spain. It has everything I love about a city, sea, mountains, shops, museums, restaurants, and people  going from one place to another. Sometimes it reminds me of london especially mid-July. The “City” and how their  habitants’ call it, is filled with tourists from all over the world. They mostly come to enjoy the sun and the beach.

Yes, sometimes, even a  soul can’t  feet  in  “Las rambles de cataluña”. And the beach of Barceloneta, seems a sit for a rock concert.
In those times I think: How the city will be  when everyone is asleep?
This  the  question was thinking when I decided to stop on my return from London, to take some pictures of Barcelona without people in the streets.

Luckily that ,I was able to stay in a hotel near the Plaza Cataluña. Which facilitated my movement through the area attractions. They were the ones I wanted to photograph without people.
I have to say that I got it, and it was an incredible experience. Despite having to get up at 5 am, on July.
I can say that it was worth seeing Barcelona asleep ,without car noise, people talking, cell phones ringers, even pigeons they remained sleep.
This is my experience, these are my pictures. Enjoy them.
Welcome to Barcelona, my favorite city in Spain.



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