The best Spanish design in Cibeles palace

Everyone knows zara, is the Spanish fashion brand known the world over. But there is another world beyond the clothes to the general public. It’s high Spanish fashion designers . I recently had the pleasure of an overnight exposure about Spanish couture. I was surprised in a pleasant, its diverse and imaginative designs.  colorful Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and the phrase “someday doctors prescribe colored clothing for depression” made me smile. I was thrilled Pertegaz elegance, and I was surprised for  Barceló  audacity and taste.

More Spanish designer : Casita de Wendy, Lemoniez, Loewe, Manuel Piña, María barros, María Escoté, María Lafuente, Maya Hansen, Miguel Adrover, Miguel Palacio, Miriam Ocáriz, Miriam Ponsa, Nicolás Vaudelet, Pedro del Hierro, Pertegaz, Purificación García, Roberto Diz, Roberto Verino, Roberto Torretta, Sara Coleman, Sita Murt, Sybilla, TCN, Teresa Helbig, Toni Francesc, Trías, Txell Miras, Victorio&Lucchino

The exposition is located in the  Cibeles palace newly renovated s. The Inner building is wonderful. It has as different floors and  they  are leisure areas where you can work with your computer plus  wife.
As talk about his story would take time.
I invite you to know better This palace and enjoy its exhibitions.
Welcome to Madrid the city where I live.

When?  from October 5,  2012 – to  March  3,  2013

Martes a domingo, de 10 a 20 h.

Where?   Plaza de Cibeles, 1. 28014 Madrid | t +34 91 480 00 08 |


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