My love-hate relationship with Ryanair.


My love-hate relationship with Ryanair.
What I feel for this carrier can be defined as a relationship of love and hate. Love because it is one of the cheapest airlines when you traveling to any country in Europe and around. You only  have  to click once with the mouse and print your ticket  and  done.
This is the part I love. Now let’s talk about the bad part, that one ,all travelers lovers know. Yes, because I hate it  that,every thing I  want to put in my bag. Have to be weight, folded, measured, adjusted to fit in a small space. Yes and   that is my suitcase  that has also been measured, weighed to not quit  the government measures of the company. Of course once you are at the airport, you must remember that your handbag should not exceed the size of your fist. So that when the time comes you can put it in the tiny suitcase and avoid that make you pay for it. That’s when you start to sweat, because your phone is not small enough and your purse  is  not so little. You try your , enter handbag through one side of the suitcase. But now your suitcase will not fit the meter ryanair luggage. And one of the flight attendants tell you that you will have to pay for excess weight.

You say.- Is  just my phone. -She replies that  are the company rules and that your suitcase will not fit the meter bags. So you have to pay 60 €. It’s not much money for you, but not within your budget. You  don’t want thing about   pay 60 €  just because  your cell phone  is  not  small enough, and  the  fancy  purse  has suddenly grown.

For now, you have been departed from the queue. While  they  are calling other passengers, who are   watching you with grief while  they are passing by your side.
No, You will not miss your flight, or pay nothing. Mostly so after the humiliation of opening   your  suitcase in front of   the people. Finally  you find a hollow between  the shoes and toothpaste. You place the phone and snap the purse  to fit the small space.The only thing left,  is  your handbag that you wind like a towel,  and fitting it between your sandals and jeans.
That’s it. All is not lost. Finally you sit on the plane and relax.

But not before memorizing the placement of all items from your small suitcase. And remember save 60 € if you take a whim and buy a travel souvenir. Eventually you arrive at your destination : Berlin. The total cost of the trip was € 100 round trip plus a headache. You smile two weeks left to enjoy the German capital. Is Probably that  you are  no going  to thing  about the suitcase in those days. And you realize that ryanair  is like a family, you can’t live with them or without them.
Next trip, Switzerland, this time, you have not bothered to take your handbag. It’s already in the suitcase. In your hand  new tickets.
Have a good trip and don’t forget to print your ticket if you don’t want to pay extra money.


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