Hi, I’m Jean Paul Gautier

Hi, I’m Jean Paul Gautier. This is how the designer is presented to visitors in his  Madrid exhibition . The voice that says this, is his face projected on a mannequin. All around there are several similar models with different faces, some speak other sing. The feeling I had, was between surprise and fear. I got a little scared of the  faces . But as get into the other rooms of the exhibition, I began to feel a sense of bewilderment and also admiration. I have to say, I’m not a fan of this designer, but I recognize his great imagination and the freedom with which designs. For there are no limits in terms of style. He believes in each person: ¡dress as you feel!  that gives you security. To be yourself in life, is the best way to get your achievements. Jen Paul uses all materials, plastic, feathers, leather, artificial leather, silk, cotton, synthetic ….. Anything that can be molded, sewing, gluing, cutting, serves for their creations. Inspired by his surroundings, and urban culture, all continents, are his playground. Native American headdresses , African savannahs tigers, Spanish bullfighter, Japanese  kimonos, Masai necklaces.

And of course the sailor shirt. Which transforms, dresses, shirts, jackets. He explains that it was the shirt he wore as a child. Clarifies that hated as   wearing it. . But as and  adult  he  realized that,  it was versatile design.
In one room there is a picture of his  muse Madonna.  He  says that  She  is  a great creative style, and she doesn’t miss any trend. you can  see  other models  photos and costumes from films like Pedro Almodovar “La mala educación“.
The costumes star are:  the corset  Madonna wear  in the   “blonde ambition”  tur .The full body suit Gael Garcia ” la mala  educación” “There are many more but  the  best  is, to visit the exhibition. Really ,  ¡Mr. Gaudier  doesn’t  leave you indifferent!!  After all they call him “L’Enfant terrible”  in  the  french fashion.

So go and have a good time.

When?   from october  6 , 2012  until  January  6  2013  .

Where?  FUNDACION MAFRE .   http://www.mapfre.com/fundacion/es/exposiciones/cultura/Exposiciones_Actuales.shtml

Address:  Paseo de recoletos  23, 28024 Madrid



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