Books: A quick way to travel.

love books, reading is one of my favorite activities. What I remember most about my school was the library. I could spend hours stuck in it. As a small  I did not had very good health. So nuns would not let me play a lot down to the courtyard. But  they allow me to be in the library, when the other children played, developing my love of reading.

My favorite place is  To buy books   in Madrid  is the Fnac store . Where time seems to stop when I’m inside.

These are some of the books that I liked.

1I Kill – Giorgio Faletti (  My   latest discovery)

2-I am God-Giorgio Faletti

3-The  analystJohn katzenbach 

4-The  madman’s Tale John katzenbach.

5-think of a number  – John Verdon

6-Out – Natsuo Kirino

7-The_Devotion_of_Suspect  x – keg Higashino

8Beauty and Sadness–  Yasunari Kawabata  ( I love it)

9-Hit  -stephen king

10– Kitchen – Banana Yoshimoto

11-The Bonesetter’s- Daughter  Amy Ta

12-The Name of the Rose –  Umberto eco

13-Dracula  Bram Stoke    (This  is for me  the best  classic  horror  book)

14-Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

15-Think of a number – John Verdon

16The Pillars of the Earth  -Ken follett

17-Orlando- Virginia Woolf, (With this  book  i started loving   Virginia  Woolf)

18-A christmas  carol  -Charles  Dickens

19-Alice in wonderland-  Lewis Carroll

20-Dangerous Liaisons Pierre -Choderlos De Laclos

21-Emma -Jane Austen

22-Frankenstein- Mary Shelley

23-The Count of Monte Cristo -Alexandre Dumas 

24-The Woman in White -Wilkie Collins

25-. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde -Robert Louis Stevenson 

26-The Picture of Dorian Gray -Oscar Wilde

27-Mrs Dalloway -Virginia Woolf

28-Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell

29-The Lord Of The Rings J. R. R. Tolkien 

30-To Kill A Mockingbird -Harper Lee

40-One Hundred Years of SolitudeGabriel Garcia Marquez 

41-The treasure Island – Robert Louis Steve

42-The Complete Sherlock HolmesSir Arthur Conan Doyle

43-Red Dragon -Thomas Harris

44-The Murders in the Rue Morgue- Edgar Allan Poe                                                                                      


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