Bobbi Brown luxurious shop in Madrid. ¡Cute and Chic!!

Interview with Noelia Almendros Bobbi Brown makeup artist

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the  Bobbi Brown new store in Madrid. Is located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the capital( el barrio de Salamanca). Specifically the Lagasca Street 32. Upon entering I found a place full of elegance. The first thing that came to mind were the stores that had been in New York, London and Paris. I had to look again at the door, to make sure I was in Madrid. The decor of the place is an absolute delicacy. You could tell that the person who had designed the space knew what was good taste. I don’t remember if there was music, but if there was,should be smooth and enjoyable.  At the bottom of the shop I found a young woman who was just finishing a lady makeup. I wait patiently has ended. When she finished his work. I explained her, that I had a blog and I’ll love to talk about the store. But I need  her to tell me a little about the place . Kindly she  told me about makeup courses,friends meetings o to buy Bobbi make up, some steps to have  good make up,   text color , so you can choose the right foundation. …..and more. And of course  she gave me a great interview.

As I prefer that you read what you Noelia Almendros has to tell you  . I leave you with the interview.
But my advice is  that stop  in Bobbi Brown store to see  for  yourself
Street: Lagasca 32 tel: 910 808 511

Interview with Noelia Almendros Bobby Brown makeup artist

MssMHow long have been working as a make up artist?

NOE-It have been 14 years. I started at seventeen in the perfumery industry. Then I specialize in film and tv, because I wanted to study characterization. In the end I decided to go for  social makeup. I love  my job and work in Bobbi is a challenge for my career as a makeup artist.

MssMWhere did you study makeup?

NOE-I trained mostly working in perfumery when I was younger. When it was time for me to be professional, I  chose Elite make up school. Which at the time seemed like the most appropriate. But I have to admit that the best learning has been the makeup every day. And meet different people.

MssMWhat qualities do you think  should have a good makeup artist?
NOE-She must have good security and staining technique. In my case I am a perfectionist, which sometimes is a problem because I never think my makeup is perfect. But it is also a quality that makes you pay attention to small details.

MssMWhat advice would you give to  women when they buy makeup?
NOE-I  would say.-Be yourself. And   highlighted what you have.

MSSM-Do you think that all women should attend a self makeup course?


NOE-To upgrade their style and trends and learn about themselves.

MssMBobbi is a firm that has all skin tones from the whitest to the darkest tone through the citric, some Asian women or pink in the northern regions.
 Here Noelia   explained that Bobbi Brown does not work with pink pigments in their makeup. But with yellow to suit all the shades and blend better with skin imperfections corrected leaving a natural look.

MssM-As a makeup artist, what are the differences between white skin and black skin when you make them up?

NOE-It’s more complicated  with white skin, because sometimes they have, blue veins, red spots and they are thinner and transparent. While dark skin is easier to unify and cover imperfections.

MssMDo you find it easy or difficult to find the shade of makeup for dark skin or mulatto.?
NOE-No, because  in Bobbi Brown we all  the skin tones. From the lightest to the darkest.

MssMWhat colors would you recommend to these women?
BLUSHER: reddish tones.
LIPS: Especially lip gloss, gold. Along the red range we have in the store, are perfect for all kinds of lipS. Also gold.
But avoid very clear tones like pink.
EYE SHADOW: cognac tones, browns are very natural and perfect for the day.
For evening or special occasion , dark blue, gray, purple. Always considering the clothes you wear

MssMI would like to know why my subscribers should buy Bobbi treatment?
NO-They are the best in the market. They are skin moisturizer and makeup sets. We advise them not only on the treatment and makeup. Also we do tex  color   so they  can know what are  their   skin tone.

MssMWhat is your advice on treatments, creams in general?
NOE-The  most  important  is  to have good skin treatment . I would recommend using the same line. So if you use a serum or anti wrinkle cream. They have to be of the same firm. That is how you know if it is effective or not. If you are using multiple products from different companies, it is more likely that in the end you do not know which one of them is  them is  working in your  skin.

MssMWhat is the best way to apply makeup Sponge or brush?
NOE-The brush is the best way, well-distributed makeup and does not absorb the product as does the sponge. Using a makeup brush will not only stay but  also unified your make up will save .

MssMWhat advice would you give to women to have a healthy skin?
NOE-1)Use a good treatment.
2)Exfoliate the skin once a week
3)Clean the skin at night and in the morning.
4)Never sleep with the face makeup (banned outright)
5)Having a good diet, drink water and eat fruit

MssMThings  that you should never do when it comes to make up?

NOE-Change your style to be like someone else.
makeup your  neck. (only applies your foundation to the area of the chin)
For the neck you can apply some sun powder to unify.

MssMWhat do you think of BB creams,  or color cream, in general?
NOE-My opinion is that they are good. They  hydrate the skin and give you a healthy look. They usually don’t have much coverage so I don’t recommended for people with serious imperfections.
Bobbi Brown BB cream
Corrects skin tone, gives healthy looking, conceals redness and fine lines, open pores. Protects from environmental damage.
It is for normal skin or oily

MssMwould recommend bb cream to  everyone?

MssMWhat are your beauty tips and makeup?

NOE-I use eyeliner, I love it. I always root frame of the tab (just above the eye)
I always choose a shade above my eye color.
For example: If your eyes are brown honey. Choose a dark brown.

MssMWhat do you think is the secret of Bobbi Brown? Been so long in the market and remain one of the most important companies  in this sector?

NOE-Our firm adapts to the woman, we don’t try to change her. And for that, we created different shades of makeup. For every woman so they can feel comfortable being themselves.
MssM -What advice would you give to a girl who wants to be a makeup artist?
NOE-Find a good school and learn working every day. That is the best way.

MSSM-I love the  Bobbi  Brown new shop, so cute  and  cozy, it make you  feel  like at  home. I had a nice time , every thing  was beautiful.

Thanks you Noelia and Bobbi  for a wonderful  morning.



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