Madrid “souks” market in atocha station

It seems that November is the season for all kinds of markets. So the visitor of Madrid can enjoy different types of markets. Suppose that we have been  to the ecological food farm, bought our vegetables for dinner. But we still have time to enjoy l the city and buy some gifts. It’s been days that  passes through the Gran Via. But you realize that everything they sell in zara is the same they  have  in your city “the negative consequences of globalization,¿ Is  the end  of the  authentic things?
Don’t despair  you still have places where you can buy something exotic and interesting. The “souks” of Madrid. Small markets, with clothing and accessories that seem to have been brought from Morocco directly. They are different types, located in  various places of the city, Plaza de Santa Ana, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Goya  market Plaza de Jacinto  Benavente ,   and the market in  the Atocha station.
The latter two are usually until January.
Atocha is my favorite. Because not only is in a warm place where you can enjoy a juice, or hot tea  you can also try the typical Spanish  hot chocolate. As you walk among leather bags witch still smell like desert, scarves, cotton hats, gloves, earrings ….. All this surrounded by exotic vegetation. Palm tree, bamboo , orchids.  ¡¡oH  i  don’t  want to forget  about   the  turtles !!! .All invited  you to think about this  as station in a faraway place.

What wakes you  from  your sleep,  is the announcing  of your train   to Barcelona. At you  find  yourself sitting and looking out the window, while  you stroking the beautiful scarf that bought  for   family friend . And all  this  in Madrid   station. ¿   Is not that  amazing?

This   is  one o  my favorite  place in  Madrid   and   I  hope   the   next time you are  here you enjoy  this  wonderful  place  like  a I  do every  day.

Welcome to Madrid  Atocha    the  next  station to your  dream.



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