Madrid fashion fruit market

¿A fruit  catwalk?

Ok, this is weird ¿Someone knew that fruits also have  their catwalk ? If you know that,  tell me. Because I had no idea until last week when I saw an advertisement  that said “Welcome to the fashion fruit market . Even for someone like me ¡¡¡I’m fruit lover!  but  not given to the extravagances. It seemed that  I  had to go to see this event.  I have no idea  about  how  is going   to be . Models dressed as fruit or  with fruit on  their heads. Walking down the catwalk with their s eternal smile.  Whatever ,¡¡ I’ll go!! I after  all it  was  to celebrate, one o my favorite foods, fruit.
The  place: Sant Aton  market , located in the Chueca.
A renewed market,  with a modern minimalist design.
It has three floors, market, bar, restaurant and terrace.
Upon entering the colorful invaded my view. They   have  halloween pumpkins  decoration  every  where.  This made me feel like a little  girl, and  I wanted to see that everything was going  on . And there they were,  not dressed models, but a lot of disparate fruit ,  some had never  seen  them before. I wish to ask the staff for their names and backgrounds. But where  busy and did not seem very friendly.

For the poster I realized that this had been held in different market. Today it was the last day. So the people who had the  best  information  they already left  in morning. Too bad, but I decided to send an email to know if  they   will be   more events like this, on  summer or next year. To buy exotic fruit and try them  at  home. For the  moment   I decide to take picture  about   the   place and  fruit.


C/ Augusto Figueroa, 24
28004 Madrid

Tel: 91. 330.07.30 

Reserva Restaurante-Terraza “La Cocina de San Antón”:

Prensa, Comunicación y Eventos
Ana Martín




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