Travel can change your live

You must think I’m crazy, but no. I truly believe that travel not only can save your life, but also give you a new perspective of what you  want  in life .

I  know  this for my personal history.
Seven years ago my husband died of cancer.  I went into a serious depression. rather than take a year off I began to work I sign a new employment contract the day my husband died. Why? because everyone claming that I had to work, keep myself busy was the best recipe to overcome death. The resuldado was a serious breakdown that took me even attempted suicide. And developing agoraphobia. I spent a year living my life unable to leave home. Then for some reason I started thinking about what   my husband and  me      we  though we  will  do  went   he get well. And was to travel  to our  favorite places . We had beee  in Paris, London, Barcelona, but we stile   have  so many countries to visit. That day makes a determination to finish what we started.
I  book my  first  ticket  to Holland , then  to  menorca, new york. ibiza. My next  trip will be   Berlin. After   that  i’m thinking  about   travel  to Africa.

Because I started traveling I stopped being afraid to make projects alone. For a woman who used to do everything with her ​​husband , That  is  not bad. Not only have I been able to travel, I’ve done theater, film, tlevision and  I’m writing this blog. All because I decided to catch a plane.

My  advice   is  don’t be  afraid,   save  some money   and  get  the  next  plane  to  your new  life.

I had a good time back there.

2 comentarios en “Travel can change your live

  1. sorry to hear about your husband , …

    but i am great believer that angles come in different forms…, and then live us so we can find our selves.. may be that was his purpose here.

    i am reading along and keep going….and reach for the stars..


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