A make up brands list.

have a problem I don’t like  to wast  my  time. Maybe because I’m from the generation of the Wall Street movie  “money never sleeps” says Michael Douglas  to Charlie Sheen. So I don’t like to spend the day looking for  a internet  make up  brands So I decided to  put them together on a single page in my blog for easy reference.

This is  the first  group: I’m  sure  they  will be more.  Enjoy  it girls.

COVERGIRL  http://www.covergirl.com/

IMAN             http://www.imancosmetics.com/

MAC                 http://www.maccosmetics.es/

BOBBIBROW      http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/index.tmpl

BLACK UP       http://www.blackup.com/fr/

FASHIONFAIR   http://shop.fashionfair.com/v/pxd/ff.html

BLACK  OPAL  http://www.blackopalbeauty.com/

STEE LAUDER http://www.esteelauder.es/

DIOR  http://www.dior.com/beauty/esp/es/actions/index.html

CHANEL  http://www.chanel.com/

MAKE UP FOR EVER http://www.makeupforever.com/

LOREAL http://www.loreal.es/_es/_es/index.aspx?

LANCOME  http://www.lancomespain.coam/_es/_es/index.aspx

SHISEIDO  http://www.shiseido.es/

KANEMBO   SENSAI http://www.sensai-cosmetics.com/

BONJOUR    http://bonjourparis.in/

MAYBELLINE  http://www.maybelline.es/

KIKO     http://www.kikocosmetics.com/

BENEFIT http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

SEPHORA  http://www.sephora.com/

STILA  http://www.stilacosmetics.com/category.asp?category_id=33

NATURAL  COSMETIC   no artificial   ingredients

BELLAPIERE  http://www.bellapierre.es/



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